Victor Gérard

Bordeaux and Marseille region Programmer

I have always imagined a professional life in the cinema.


When I finished my studies, after 4 years at the Kedge BS business school and one year of specializing in audiovisual production and distribution (ESEC), I chose to join Pathé Films for a 6-month internship.


I therefore wish to integrate a market leader, in order to understand the workings of a French major. Within the programming team, I have the opportunity to defend a rich and varied line-up with the operators. Market analysis, movie releases strategy, programming, are part of my daily life.


First recruited as a Programming Assistant, I have now been in charge of the Bordeaux and Marseille regions since January 2019. I market Pathé’s films to my portfolio of operators. Today, I work in a cohesive team, which gives me autonomy and responsibilities.

After nearly 5 years at Pathé Films, I am proud of the progress made in a company that has allowed me to fulfill myself professionally and for which the values ​​of trust and openness matter.

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