Building the cinema
by our side

Do you love the cinematic arts?
Join us! Come and experience great collective emotions, and make your contribution to the next pages in the history of Cinema!

Welcome to Pathé!

Pathé is a major player in the cinematographic industry, mainly in Europe, both for matters of film production and distribution, and for the operating of cinema theatres.

Pathé is today

  • More than 4,800 talents
  • A presence in 7 countries
  • A dozen films produced and distributed per year
  • More than 100 experimental theatres in our cinemas



The Pathé Spirit!

Pathé is a company with a rich DNA, and which benefits from an exceptional heritage. The teams leading it endeavour to be agile and innovative: they are together building a modern and durable organisation where skills, creativity and initiative are recognised.



Our aim is to offer unique experiences in our theatres and true spectacles for us to share emotions and guarantee the ever greater satisfaction of our spectators.

We therefore favour a spirit based on
• Audacity and innovation in proposing new ideas,
• Independence and teamwork for the benefit of spectators,
• Agility in developing our projects,
• The willpower and the commitment to carry them through.



Joining Pathé is to become part of teams that are responsible, committed and impassioned by their work.

The passion which animates our teams from day to day is accompanied by:
• great expectations for quality in carrying out our work,
• professionalism which allies creativity with performance,
• anticipating change to better build tomorrow’s cinema.

The HR Promise!

At Pathé, we are together building a professional environment where independence, teamwork, development and well-being determine the lines of action that we apply from day to day.
Pathé is thus one of the 500 best employers in France, according to the latest classification produced by Capital magazine in 2020.



At Pathé, each employee can rely on their personality, their talents and their ideas in all of their diversity.

Our commitment is also to be seen in the equality of the sexes with:

  • In France : 46% women and 54% men,
  • As supervisors and management in cinemas in France: 36% women
  • 89/100 in the index of professional equality Women/Men at Pathé Films in 2022
  • 99/100 in the index of professional equality Women/Men at Pathé Cinémas in 2021


At Pathé, we enable everyone to give their best to the collective organisation that brings us together.

Thus, we attach great importance to:

  • The development of our talents, notably by favouring training (e-learning) and internal mobility,
  • The well-being of our employees, through “Feel Well @Work” actions such as a diversified health programme, agreement on Quality of Life at Work…

Our trade: the experience that we offer to you!

Whether in the production and distribution of films, the acquisition of rights and sales from our catalogue in France and abroad, or in the operation of our cinema theatres, our jobs are extremely varied.

  • In our cinemas
    General Manager, manager (REC), assistant manager (leader) or cinema front staff, jobs involving a collective commitment each day to offer our spectators a unique experience.
  • At head office
    Everybody contributes to building tomorrow’s cinema, at each stage in the life of a film: production assistant, scheduler, creative director, royalties manager, sales manager and more.


As many fascinating jobs for those impassioned by the cinematic arts!



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