Pathé Tuschinski completely renewed

Go back in time and feel like a movie star from the '20s. You already did that in the famous big hall 1 of Pathé Tuschinski, now you do that throughout the theater. The iconic Theater Tuschinski, the figurehead of Dutch film, has been given a complete makeover and has become even more authentic.

Cinemas 07 Jul 2020

In November part of the theater was already brought back to its original style. In the run-up to the 100th anniversary of the Tuschinski Theatre in 2021, the other halls have now been completely renovated; in the style of then, but with the technology and comfort of today. In addition to the beautiful rooms with comfortable luxury chairs and two-seater sofas, a completely new cocktail and drinks bar has been opened: Bar Abraham – the contemporary ally of the eccentric Theatre Tuschinski. Here visitors drink signature cocktails, inspired by movies, before or after the movie.


As a tribute to Abraham Tuschinski, the founder of the most beautiful film theater in the Netherlands, Pathé named this new bar especially after him. Film lovers drink signature cocktails in this cocktail and drinks bar. The cocktails are inspired by films and are mainly prepared with Dutch ingredients. In addition, Bar Abraham serves fine wines, Italian coffees and there is a varied food menu with small dishes to share and varying patisserie.

Doron Kurz, Commercial Director Pathé: “A visit to a film in Pathé Tuschinski was already special, but this renovation has made the experience even more luxurious and authentic. Thanks to the cocktail bar, visitors can now experience a complete day or evening out together with friends or family in the most beautiful theater in the Netherlands. With a snack and a drink in style and completely immersed in the grandeur of this historic theater”.


About Abraham Tuschinski

In 1921 Abraham Tuschinski opened the Theatre Tuschinski after two years of construction. The original tailor from Poland was on his way to the United States in 1904, but eventually stayed in Rotterdam, where he opened several cinemas. In 1916, together with his brothers-in-law Herman Gerschtanowitz and Hermann Ehrlich, he wanted to start something special in Amsterdam. He said the following about this at the time: “Amsterdam has many theaters, but if I build one, it has to surpass all the others by far. Big as a temple and handsome as a palace, a theater that has not yet had its equal in Europe, and even the spoiled Amsterdam audience will be amazed”.


Architecture Theatre Tuschinski

This urge for originality and admiration has always been at the forefront of Theatre Tuschinski: an imitation of other theaters was out of the question for Abraham Tuschinski. This is reflected in the many changes that Tuschinski’s interior has undergone and the many special elements that characterize the theater. Under the reign of Tuschinski the theater was never finished.

The building was designed by architect Hijman Louis de Jong and was completed under the supervision of engineer D.C. Klaphaak. But also after the opening work continued in the building. Tuschinski’s urge to innovate came to a climax in the run-up to the theater’s tenth anniversary in 1931. Many eye-catching elements in the current interior date from that time. A large number of (ornamental) artists, including Willem Kromhout, Pieter den Besten and Jaap Gidding, were recruited to decorate and decorate the interior. Inspired by the paintings of Pieter den Besten, rooms 2 and 3 were restored to their iconic original style in 2019. In 2020, halls 4,5 and 6 by Tuschinski will also be renovated with luxurious chairs and benches.

Tuschinski has six rooms and is open every day. Bar Abraham will be officially opened from Tuesday 7 July and is also open to non moviegoers.

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