Acquisition of the EuroScoop cinema circuit

Paris, November 14, 2019 - Pathé announces that it has finalized the acquisition of the EuroScoop group, one of the main players in film exhibition in Belgium and the Netherlands.

EuroScoop currently operates six cinemas in Belgium (Namur, Louvain-la-Neuve, Sint Niklaas, Genk, Maasmechelen and Lanaken) and three cinemas in the Netherlands (Tilburg, Rotterdam and Maastricht), for a total of 91 screens and nearly 19 000 seats. EuroScoop is also developing 2 cinemas in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and La Hague) which will add 22 additional screens to the existing network. Created in 2002, EuroScoop is now positioned as an important circuit in these two countries, and totaled nearly 3.4 million admissions in 2018.


Aurélien Bosc, President of Cinémas Pathé Gaumont, said: “The acquisition of EuroScoop is fully in line with Pathé’s long-term growth strategy. This transaction allows us both to consolidate our leading position in the Netherlands and to increase our presence in Belgium. The quality of the projection equipment and theaters of EuroScoop cinemas is excellent. The geographical complementarity of the EuroScoop and Pathé circuits is also very favorable. ”


The acquisition of EuroScoop, which previously gave rise to the information process for employee representation bodies, has been effective since November 13, 2019 and allows Pathé to strengthen its position as the leading cinema circuit in continental Europe.

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