In France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Tunisia, Senegal and Morroco discover our latest openings and renovations.


MORROCO – First opening in Casablanca !

Opening of the first Pathé cinema in Morocco

Located in Casablanca’s largest shopping centre, the Pathé Californie was inaugurated on 19 December.

This first Moroccan cinema is a unique place of its kind, both in terms of the quality of its technical equipment and the comfort services on offer. It has 8 screens, all with laser projection, including an Imax with a 20-metre screen and semi-reclining seats, a 4DX and a VIP screen with full recliner seats and a private lounge. Following openings in Tunisia and Senegal, the Pathé Californie in Casablanca is the fifth Pathé cinema on the African continent.

CinéCapucins 2240x1400

FRANCE - Ciné Capucins, the new address in Brest!

The Ciné Capucins cinema opened on February 1, 2023.

Pathé, accompanied by the architect Pierre Chican, designed a unique living space with an original colorful industrial design which fits perfectly with the architecture steeped in history of the Ateliers buildings Capuchins. With its 5 rooms and 564 comfortable seats, the Ciné Capucins actively participates in the cultural offering of the Ateliers by offering spectators a wide choice of films of all genres and for all audiences. Its gourmet Charlie’s offering and its friendly spaces help make this new cinema an essential leisure and relaxation destination for the whole family.
This new cinema enriches and completes the offer of the Multiplex Liberté (15 rooms and 2,440 seats) by offering Brest spectators a wider choice of films, screenings and comfort.

© Frédéric Berthet


FRANCE - Pathé Parnasse: The cinema experience reinvented by Pathé in the heart of Paris!

On December 14, 2022, Pathé reopened its historic and emblematic cinema in Montparnasse under the Pathé brand: Pathé Parnasse!

The first fully premium Parisian cinema, a unique place of its kind, both in terms of the quality of its technical equipment and the comfort services offered. It now offers 12 rooms, from 30 to 150 seats, with unprecedented comfort, latest generation laser and sound projection equipment as well as a resolutely contemporary atmosphere.
Visitors also benefit from innovative services at all stages of their journey such as online sales, express confectionery checkouts and automatic gates for access to the rooms. The cinema experience has never been so seamless!
This reopening is fully in line with the modernization and upscaling strategy initiated by Pathé, whose ambition is to always better meet the expectations of spectators by pushing the cinema experience even further.

© Vincent Bousserez

Dakar_derniere ouverture 2240x 1400

SENEGAL - Pathé continues its growth with a new opening in Dakar

Pathé Dakar opened its doors on Friday October 7, 2022 in the Mermoz commercial district in the heart of the Senegalese capital.
With its 5,000m2, this ultra-modern multiplex with 7 screens and 1,394 seats is the largest cinema in West Africa. Laser projection in all rooms, giant screen up to 21 meters wide, club and duo seats, Dolby sound, a juice bar and the popcorn factory… everything comes together to offer a completely new cinema experience in Dakar.
Designed by the architect Pierre Chican, the Pathé Dakar offers “house” standard in its seven rooms, from 126 to 396 numbered seats, and also offers large convivial spaces, notably a rooftop bar upstairs and it should soon welcome a restaurant on the terrace.
After the openings in Tunisia, this is the fourth Pathé cinema on the African continent.

facade schourplei_V2_ 2240 par 1400

NETHERLANDS Rotterdam - Pathé Schouwburgplein


Other than the new façade showing a city horizon with its emblematic buildings, all of the theatres have been refitted for greater comfort, and a new IMAX LASER theatre has been built.


For the pleasure of spectators, the cinema hall offers a feast, in a Food Court spirit, where all tastes are brought together and take the stage with personalised stands in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.The popcorn can be composed to one’s liking at the Flavour Bar, the nachos to be tried with their various sauces, without forgetting the hot-dog stand with its vintage look, carrying a taste of Manhattan through time. The bar offers a menu of traditional Dutch beers and, for coffee lovers, the Starbucks corner is ready and waiting.

LAJOLIETTE V3 2240 par 1400

FRANCE Marseille - La Joliette


The La Joliette cinema, designated by Ora-Ïto, meets all the challenges of a cinema perfectly in tune with the times thanks to its original concepts and cutting-edge technologies.


An invitation to the emotion of cinema that brings all audiences together with the Pathé Kids! theatre and its playful and enchanted universe, the 4DX and ScreenX for total immersion in the film, the Dolby Cinema theatre and its perfect combination of comfort and exceptional sound and image quality. The Premium Experience and its high-end setting, complemented by its three theaters with original concepts, offers an exclusive experience.


The La Joliette cinema invites its spectators to escape with convivial spaces for moments of relaxation and gourmet pleasures such as Charlie’s Kitchen, the dinner & movie reinvented in the heart of the theater or the VR Zone Portal, a virtual reality offer unique in France composed of 4 new games including the inevitable “Mario Kart”.

sousse 2240 par 1400

TUNISIA - Pathé Sousse


Pathé Sousse, Tunisia’s second Pathé movie theater in partnership with Wassim Béji, opened in November 2019 in Sousse, capital of the Tunisian Sahel, after the Pathé Tunis City in Tunis, which opened in December 2018 (8 theaters and 1,521 seats).


The new Pathé Sousse multiplex (6 theaters and 1,250 seats) meets the challenges of a 21st century cinema: 100% laser projection, giant screens, Dolby Surround 7.1 sound, exceptional comfort, new concepts and a high level of service.

Located in the heart of the Mall Of Sousse, a new place bubbling with life less than 10 minutes from the city center, the cinema complex of 4,700 m2, participates in the promotion of culture by offering the best to the governorate of Sousse and its surroundings.


Conceived by architect Pierre Chican and designed by Ora-ïto, the Pathé Sousse multiplex was imagined as a modern, friendly, intergenerational living space, offering a sleek aesthetic with futuristic, graceful lines.

VIP SPREITENBACH 2240 par 1400

SWITZERLAND - Pathé Spreitenbach


The Pathé Spreitenbach cinema, opened in Switzerland in May 2019, invites spectators to discover new concepts such as the VIP cinema with its exclusive services.

This entirely new VIP concept, unique in Switzerland, offers spectators luxury services for an extraordinary film screening. Everything starts with the dedicated reception area, leading the cinemagoer into the bar space with a minimalist and elegant design to taste a glass of champagne among the broad selection of drinks available.


According to their desires, spectators can choose among several theatres with new experiences such as the VIP LOUNGE with twin or individual sofas in soft velvet and trendy colours; the VIP BED and its beds which invite spectators to a different way to watch a film; the IMAX LASER theatre for a completely immersive experience, or the KIDS theatre, designed by kids for kids.

WEPLER 2240 par 1400

FRANCE Paris- Pathé Wepler


The Pathé Wepler, an emblematic cinema on Place Clichy (18th arrondissement, Paris), was recently renovated to offer new theaters, including a 4DX, a more open lobby and a façade that is now animated by a huge digital screen.


Upon entering the theater, spectators discover an open space with a refined aesthetic, enhanced by the light and materials used, whose design was entrusted to Ora-ïto.

Thought as a place of conviviality, it offers relaxation areas to meet up or enjoy a treat such as Häagen Dazs ice cream or the inevitable pop-corns.

The largest theatre is equipped with the Dolby Atmos immersive sound system and 4K projection for a unique cinema experience. For thrill-seekers, the 4DX room plunges them into the heart of the movie, all their senses are stimulated for a unique immersive cinema experience.



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