Pathé Schouwburgplein

Located in the heart of Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Pathé Schouwburgplein built in 1996 by the Koen van Velzen architectural firm, has been entirely renovated.

Other than the new façade showing a city horizon with its emblematic buildings, all of the theatres have been refitted for greater comfort, and a new IMAX LASER theatre has been built.


The IMAX technology is a completely immersive experience, making spectators forget the limits of the screen and plunging them into the heart of the film. Image, sound and exceptional comfort: IMAX theatres are designed to give spectators a spectacular experience.


For the pleasure of spectators, the cinema hall offers a feast, in a Food Court spirit, where all tastes are brought together and take the stage with personalised stands in a cosmopolitan atmosphere.


The popcorn can be composed to one’s liking at the Flavour Bar, the nachos to be tried with their various sauces, without forgetting the hot-dog stand with its vintage look, carrying a taste of Manhattan through time.


The bar offers a menu of traditional Dutch beers and, for coffee lovers, the Starbucks corner is ready and waiting.

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    Imax Laser theatre

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