Building cinema alongside us

Passionate about the 7th Art? You can contribute to its development by joining a major company in the sector, concerned about the development of its employees.

A unique experience, millions of visitors.

As Europe's leading producer and distributor of films and cinema network, Pathé is thinking big. Its ambition is to provide exceptional cinematic experiences for its audiences and to support film talent.

Emotion is our mission.

Through the innovation and passion for cinema that drives us, we pursue our commitment to excellence in order to meet the expectations of our audiences.

Our values

  • Our values

– Attract and please our visitors
– Respect for our teams, audiences and talents.
– Teamwork with a professional drive

  • Our business lines in operations

Exciting jobs for the pleasure of enthusiasts. Our vocation is to offer the best cinema experience to our spectators with a personalised welcome.

Some examples of our professions:
– Film Director
– Cinema manager
– Assistant cinema manager
– Cinema receptionist

  • Our professions in film production and distribution

Professions to closely monitor films through each stage of their lifecycle, in France and around the world. You can work on the production and release of our next films, but also their broadcast on television or on-demand, or the restoration of films from our film library.

An overview of the sectors concerned:
– Production
– Programming
– Marketing
– International
– Legal
– Finance


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