Building a responsible
and sustainable cinema

Cinema is a window on the world. We must preserve what inspires us: our environment and the women and men who live in it.


From the darkness of our theatres to the lights of the city, on screen as well as in life, our actions weave the fabric of a scenario for a sustainable future. This allows us to build, under the best conditions, the cinema of tomorrow.

Jérôme Seydoux

Pathé is committed for a best cinema

Discover the convictions that drive us, the societal issues that guide our choices and the means we use to respond to them.


The 4 pillars of our social and environmental responsibility:

  • Well-working together
  • Sustainable development
  • The best experience for all
  • Cultural action and sponsorship


Commitment and Diversity!

Well-working together

At Pathé, we make sure to offer each and every one a privileged and benevolent work environment, favorable to their professional development: talent development, strengthening of professional equality (Gender equality index 2019 in France : 94/100), thought around health and well-being at work...

Responsibility and Environment!

Sustainable development

At Pathé, we integrate the challenges of sustainable development with actions that respect the environment: digitised services, selective waste sorting, eco-responsible buildings (the EuropaCorp La Joliette cinema in Marseille is BREEAM - Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method - certified).

Development and Culture!

The best experience for all

At Pathé, we are committed to an approach centered on welcoming the spectator and on the “cinema” experience in all its dimensions: desire to offer a tailor-made rooms accessible to all audiences, a particular attention paid to the layout of our cinemas and a specific equipment (subtitles screenings)...

7th art and Solidarity!

Cultural action and sponsorship

At Pathé, preserving and promoting the heritage of the 7th Art is part of our DNA, especially with the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé. We also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow by supporting education, training and we are committed to major causes in favor of social inclusion and access to culture for all (Les Restaurants du Cœur, Institut Pasteur)...


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