Responsible cinema

Cinema is a window on the world. We must preserve what inspires us: our environment and the women and men who live in it.

From the darkness of our theatres to the lights of the city, on screen as well as in life, our actions weave the fabric of a scenario for a sustainable future. This allows us to build, under the best conditions, the cinema of tomorrow.”

Jérôme Seydoux


Discover the convictions that drive us, the societal issues that guide our choices and the means we use to respond to them.

The 4 pillars of our responsibility:

  • Well-being at work (Best employer/Capital 2019 ranking)
  • The relationship with spectators (Palme for client relations/AFRC ranking)
  • Sustainable development
  • Cultural action and sponsorship

Women and Men

  • Developing skills

Pathé helps each employee to chart the career course to meet their ambition: specialist or diploma courses are offered for each profession.

  • Strengthening equality

Respect for parity and equality between women and men among our employees is a daily concern within our teams.

  • Living well in the company

Pathé is committed to providing a beneficial and caring work environment that engenders fulfilment.

  • In great shape

The well-being of employees also depends on their health. To this end, Pathé carries out awareness-raising initiatives, proposes an office layout adapted to each individual and provides sports equipment for staff.

Making you feel at home

Our cinemas are places where innovation, emotion and customer service together contribute to public satisfaction.
– Tailor-made rooms accessible to the largest number of people
– Entertainment guaranteed for everyone
– An optimised spectator experience

Responsible and sustainable development

Pathé is sensitive to the challenges of sustainable development and this is put into practice on its sites. Digitised services, selective waste sorting, eco-responsible buildings and reduction of carbon footprint are just some of the initiatives taken to implement this commitment, which can also be seen in certain films.


The promotion of the arts and literature is inseparable from Pathé’s cinematographic roots. Our sponsorship initiatives help to preserve and enhance the heritage of the 7th Art, as well as to support education, training and access to culture for all.


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