A space for living and relaxing, Pathé Gaumont cinemas are reinventing their offerings with innovative concepts, creating convivial spaces to charm our spectators.


Great foods and snacks


Because going out to the cinema would not be complete without a bite to go with it, whether savoury or sweet, our spectators are offered a range of sweets, pastries and drinks.

From the timeless popcorn, selected with care, through Haribo sweets or delicious Häagen-Dazs ice creams and sorbets, there is something to everyone’s taste.


For lovers of coffee or delicious drinks, Starbucks lounges welcome young and old in a selection of Pathé cinemas.


Before or after the screening is a time to share with friends or family, a gourmet moment.


Charlie’s Kitchen


Charlie’s Kitchen, reinventing the concept of dinner & movie, inaugurated at La Joliette, seduces with a cosmopolitan menu comprising empanadas, Hot Reservoir Dogs, bowls & sweets, and other surprising dishes to try before or after a film, between midday and 2 am, or as after-work venue.


Graphical, colourful and convivial, food at Charlie’s is to be shared and eaten among friends, accessible to all with or without a ticket, at any time of day.


The Scope


A nod to the CinémaScope, the Scope is the bar area to relax in amongst friends, before or after a film or at any time of the day. With its minimalist decoration and its “finger food” inspired menu, the Scope is a must for sharing a moment of fellowship, at the bar or at a table.

The VR Zone


The VR Zone Portal is a unique virtual reality offer that was dreamt up in partnership with Bandaï Namco, comprising four ground-breaking games including the vital “Mario Kart” who challenges his friends in a race as real as life.


Spectators are spoilt for choice in discovering virtual reality through extraordinary games, alone or together.


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