Who doesn’t remember their first outing to the cinema? Taking one’s child to discover the cinema is a magical moment, a memory that parents and children don’t forget.


A cinema theatre dedicated to children


The Pathé Kids! theatre welcomes young audiences from 2 to 14 years of age, under the supervision of their parents or accompanying persons.

Dreamt up by Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont, in partnership with LEGO, the theatre covered one of its walls in LEGO bricks. Children can therefore contribute to the decoration of the theatre. To put them at ease, children have the possibility of storing their shoes in LEGO-shaped boxes.


With or without shoes, they can choose their seat according to their wishes. From LEGO benches to Fatboy® beanbags to chaises longues where two can sit, the theatre’s design will not fail to delight. The parents too!


Entirely designed for the pleasure of children (and their parents!)


For crown it all off, before the start of the screening, a climbing slope or a slide allow for movement around the theatre. An experience that can be renewed at the end of the film, because during the projection everyone takes their seat!


Scheduling for all children from 2 to 14 years old

The Pathé Kids! theatre proposes screenings every day for all ages. Staggered over the day, the screenings start early in the day for the youngest spectators until the evening for teenagers. Each one will find their place and above all their film.


The first screenings, dedicated to the very young, show films and short animated programmes to awaken their senses to the cinematic arts. In a half-lit theatre, with a sound system adapted to young ears, little and big kids can discover new releases, the reshowing of Pathé Live Kids programmes or medium-length films. The duration of screenings is thus perfectly suited to the attention span of the young.


For older children, feature-length animated films, the rescreening of great classics of cinematic art, or programmes relating to current events, will not fail to satisfy their taste for cinema. Adolescents will also be satisfied. Screenings at the end of the day are dedicated to them.

For all ages and all tastes, La Salle Kids!, via its rich and varied programming, will very quickly find its place in all families.




Please return your screen to fully enjoy the experience