Opening of Pathé Sousse in Tunisia

The Pathé Sousse, the second Pathé cinema in Tunisia in partnership with Wassim Béji, opened on November 30, 2019 in Sousse, capital of the Tunisian Sahel, after that of Tunis, the Pathé Tunis City opened in December 2018 (8 screens and 1,521 seats).

Cinemas 30 Nov 2019

This new Pathé Sousse multiplex meets the challenges of a 21st century cinema hands down: 100% laser projection, giant screens, Dolby Surround 7.1 sound, exceptional comfort, original concepts and a high level of service.

Located in the heart of the Mall Of Sousse, a new place bubbling with life less than 10 minutes from the city center, the cinema housing complex of 4,700 m2, will participate in the promotion of culture by offering the best to the governorate of Sousse and its surroundings.

Conceived by the architect Pierre Chican and designed by Ora-ïto, the Pathé Sousse multiplex was imagined as a modern, friendly and intergenerational living space, offering a refined aesthetic with futuristic and graceful lines.

With its 6 screens from 122 to 370 seats and its 210 weekly screenings, the Pathé Sousse offers Tunisian spectators a wide choice of films of all kinds and for all tastes, thematic meetings, animations and shows with Pathé Live and confirms its desire to be a major player in the local cultural scene.

A wide range of sweets, a popcorn factory, a Keen’s Café and many friendly spaces, at Pathé Sousse everything is designed so that at each visit, you share special moments with those who really matter to you.

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